RoboCup 2017

From the 27th of July untill the 30th of July, the world chemiopnships 2017 will be held in Nagoya, Japan. RoboCup is a global organization whose goal is to develop an autonomous team of soccer robots that can defeat the (human) world champions by 2050.  In addition, RoboCup aims to encourage new technological developments and to share technology with each other.  By using service and soccer robots to test these new technological findings, a large and diverse audience is  approached. 


  • Pictures of RoboCup 2017 can be found on our Flickr page.
  • Live updates of matches and challenges can be followed on Twitter and Facebook
  • Summaries of the @Home challenges and the MSL matches can be viewed on our YouTube channel.
  • More details of the various leagues can be found on the  RoboCup 2017 website.

Middle Size League

  • You can find the schedule of the matches and the results of the MSL soccer robos here.
  • Watch the livestream of the Middle Size League.

@Home League

  • Find the schedule of the service robot challenges here
  • The results of the challenges can be found here.
  • Watch the livestream of the @Home arena.