About us

Tech United is a multidisciplinary team of (old) students, PhD’s and employees of Eindhoven University of Technology which are involved in the development of robotics. Knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer algorithms are used to solve problems. The home of Tech United is the RoboCup stadium on the university.

Tech United participates in tournaments all over the world. RoboCup is an annual world championship for robots that can communicate and react on a constantly changing environment. RoboCup is an open-source competition. After each tournament all the knowledge is shared among teams. Also the regulations of the game are changing every year to challenge teams to constantly improve and innovate their technologies.

Tech United participates with two teams. One team consists of the autonomous soccer robots and participates in the Middle Size League of RoboCup and the other team participates with autonomous service robots in the @Home league. Besides the world championships, Tech United also participates in several European championships. Tech United has already won seven European titles and reached the final of the world championships seven times. In 2012 the soccer robots became world champions in Mexico-City for the first time. Last year, they also won the world championship for the second time in Brazil. In 2012, service robot AMIGO won the Dutch open and in 2014 he reached the second place on the world championships in Brazil. 

The dream of this project is to have a fully autonomous robot soccer team that can win from the human FIFA world champions of that time. We see this as a big challenge in the field of software and mechatronics. Because we want to fulfill this dream we reach our goal, getting robotica on a higher platform by sharing knowledge. The annual world championship and the popularity of soccer are good motivator. The goal behind RoboCup goes even further than soccer. A lot of technologies and innovations are applied to functional robots like a service robot. 

In the near future, Tech United wants to develop a service robot that can reduce the workload of nurses.” 

Service robots can assist with cleaning, lifting patients and administer medication. This makes elderly able to live at home for a longer period of time. The developments of Tech United have led to several spin-offs

Another societal goal for us is to make children enthusiastic about technologie. We give demonstrations with our robots regularly. In 2014, Tech United organized an education-tour together with ASML in which they visited lots of primary and high schools to give demonstrations. All the demonstrations were educative and received with a lot of enthusiasm. 

Tech United also gives demonstrations for commercial purposes to fund parts of the research.