Care Robot

AMIGO is the care robot of Tech United. AMIGO means Autonomous Mate for IntelliGent Operations. The height is one and a half meter, he has two arms and moves with a platform on four wheels. He executes several tasks, like taking something out of the kitchen and recognize people. To orientate in the domestic environment AMIGO uses a Kinect-camera and three laser range finders so he can see in 3D. Robots like AMIGO enable elderly people to function independently for a longer period of time.

AMIGO takes part in the project RoboEarth. The goal of this project is to let the robots learn from each other. Object recognition, navigation, operations and other activities are exchanged through the RoboEarth network. AMIGO makes contact with the RoboEarth database autonomously and downloads the necessary instructions that leads to serving a particular product, such as fruit juice.

Through the network RoboEarth robots must be able to deal with unforeseen circumstances, instead of programming every conceivable situation. Since the robots learn from each event and share their experiences, they will respond faster and improve their ability to learn and to react in new situations.