To gain points in the competition, AMIGO and SERGIO must complete several challenges in an environment that looks like an ordinary apartment. The content and number of challenges changes every year, but some recent challenges can be found below.

Robot Inspection and Poster Session

Every robot needs to register himself by introducing himself to the jury and handing over the registration form. To guarantee safety, the emergency button will be tested. At the same time, every team has a poster presentation about their recent developments.

Speech & Person Recognition

Every robot must find a crowd of people. Once the robot has found the people, they will gather around the robot and ask questions. 

The questions are general trivia questions but also about the arena, the objects in it and the people themselves. For example, how many people are smiling? Where is the fridge? For extra points, the robot must look at the person asking the question and figure out who said what. 

Help me Carry

After the robot's operator went shopping for groceries, the groceries need to be hauled into the house. The robots have to help with this: they follow the operator to the car, take a bag with groceries and bring it inside. There, they'll find a helping human to also help and they must guide the helper to the car. 

Storing Groceries

To help with householding chores, the robot must help to store groceries. The operator puts the newly bought groceries on a table and each robot should put the new items in the cupboard next to the old items. So, if you bought fresh cookies, the robot has to put them in the cupboard to replace the empty pack of cookies. 

Really smart robots are also able to do this for objects they have never seen before, for which they can score extra points.

General Purpose Service Robot

This challenge tests the skills of the robots. The difference between other challenges is that the tasks are not known at the beginning of the challenge, but the referee chooses what the robot must do.

Extended, Enhanced General Purpose Service Robot

As with the previous challenge, the robots gets a spoken command, that they do not know beforehand. They have to hear the speech, convert it to text and analyse the text to distill a command that can be executed. 

The 'Extended, Enhanced' part of the challenge means that the robot will get multiple commands over a longer period of time. These commands will also be more complex compared to previous challenges.

Open Challenge

Teams will demonstrate their recent developments in the open challenge. The focus is on demonstrating the robot's "specialities", new applications, robot-human interaction and the scientific contribution.

Set a Table and Tidy Up

Robots must prepare a table for a meal: put cutlery, a plate and a cup on a table. Then, once a person has finished the meal, the robot must clean up again: put the cutlery away and do away with the crumbs, spilled marmelade etc.


During this test, the robot will go to an unknown environment to do his tasks. He needs to navigate to several locations and recognize objects and bring them to another location. The challenge will take place in a ‘real’ environment, like a restaurant or a shopping mall.


The 5 teams with the highest score will go to the finals. During the final every team can show something of their choice. The jury consists of people from the @Home league and people from the business world. They will judge the presentation.

The end score will be determined by the jury for 25% and for 25% by the people from the business world. The other 50% will be determined by the scores from previous stages.