Tech United is able to give demonstrations in our own RoboCup Stadium in Eindhoven but also on location. A demonstration can have several goals. Think of education, attention grabber or just for fun. Robots are interesting for all ages.

We offer demonstrations with the soccer robots and with the care robots. More information about the different kinds of demonstrations can be found by clicking on the robot's names.

If you are interested, please contact us! 

Previous demonstrations

Tech United has already given lots of demonstrations. A few, but definitely not all, are:

  • GOTO Conference (Amsterdam 2016, Copenhagen 2016)
  • De JetNet Careerday (2012, 2013, 2014) 
  • Het World Science Festival in Amsterdam street festival at NEMO (2013)
  • Shopping Centre Piazza Eindhoven to promote RoboCup 2013 (2013)
  • Museon Den Haag (2013, 2014)
  • iChange Event Deloitte Rotterdam (2014)
  • Bright Day Amsterdam (2014)
  • World of Technology & Science in Jaarbeurs Utrecht (2014) 
  • 9 days Dutch Design Week Eindhoven (2014)
  • Accenture Innovation Awards Utrecht (2014)
  • Shell Eco-marathon in Ahoy Rotterdam (2015)

Demonstrations with soccer robots

Tech United offers different types of demonstrations with our Middle Size League soccer robots, also names TURTLEs. A program may consist out of the following components:
- Informative presentation of the operation of the robot
- Demonstration with 2 robots

Informative presentation

An information presentation will consist out of an explanation of the RoboCup project and the operation of the robot. Tech United will bring a TURTLE and is able to provide its own sound and presentation equipment.

Demonstration with 2 robots

The robots will first show their different roles on the field, which are goalkeeper, defender and attacker. Further the TURTLEs will demonstrate their ability to dribble, pass and communicate with each other. Last, some of the participants will be given the opportunity to stop a penalty from our soccer robots. The demonstration will be given on a field of 8x10meters and there also needs to be space for 3 workstations in the form of tables and chairs. Adequate fencing (for safety of the public), adequate lighting and power should be cared for by the organization itself.

RoboCup@Home demonstrations

AMIGO is a by Tech United developed robot who can perform household and caring tasksMore information about this robot can be found hereA demonstration can be in the form of a presentation and/or an interactive programSpecial requests are always negotiable, please contact us and we will see what is possible.

Informative presentation

AMIGO is very suitable to present on various stages. During an informative presentation the RoboCup project is explained and how the care robot operates. Of course, AMIGO will be there too. Tech United is able to provide their own sound and presentation equipment.

Interactive program

An interactive program, can be composed in consultation with Tech United. There are several possibilitieslike following peopleIf the command "follow me" is given to AMIGO, the care robot will, when the operator walks away, follow that person.
Furthermore, AMIGO can perform various other assignments. Think about driving to a location and greet people. AMIGO can also pick up and drop several objects. Have you ever been served by a robot before?

Fun for the youth! Go with AMIGO as "true friend" on the picture.