In 1993 RoboCup (a soccer league with autonomous soccer playing robots) was established. Rules were drawn up for the size of the field and for appropriate and inappropriate behavior of the robots. Several teams registered to participate in the competition. In the beginning, the participating robots were relatively simple and the rules and qualifications were not too strict. But the teams and the robots improved and became more sophisticated, so the rules and qualifications became stricter. By setting the bar for qualification the development was ensured. At the RoboCup World Championship a large number of teams fight each other every year. So far the following cities hosted a World Championship: Nagoya (1997) Paris (1998), Stockholm (1999) Melbourne (2000), Seattle (2001), Fukuoka / Busan (2002), Padova (2003), Lisbon (2004), Osaka (2005), Bremen (2006), Atlanta (2007), Suzhou (2008), Graz (2009), Singapore (2010), Istanbul (2011), Mexico-City (2012), Eindhoven (2013), João Pessoa (2014), Hefei (2015) and Leipzig (2016).

Clockworks Orange

Since 2000 the Netherlands is more involved in the robot soccer. The first team 'Clockworks Orange' consisted of a composed team from several universities (University of Utrecht, University of Amsterdam, The Free University and TU Delft). 

Tech United 

In 2005, Clockworks Orange decided to quit, TU Eindhoven and in the TU Delft established together a new team: 'Tech United' was born. The goal was to qualify this brand new team as quickly as possible for the competition. With the qualification requirements in mind Tech United began to build a robot.

The prototype was not very fast and looked a bit like the shell of a turtle. This is why the robots of Tech United are named as TURTLEs. This name was applied in the very first logo. A walking turtle can be seen with a ball on is sword. A nice symbol of the inexorable soccer. 

In 2006 this team has participated in the Dutch Open Championships Roboludens. 


Tech United Eindhoven

After Roboludens Delft retreated, where TU/e decided to keep the Middle Size Robot Soccer and the team decided to continue supporting. 'Tech United' became 'Tech United Eindhoven' and therefor also needed a new logo. The dull gray background was replaced with a bright green background. Thanks to the knowledge gained in Roboludens the development of the team gained momentum. The robot builders from Eindhoven managed to qualify for the World Championships in Bremen, and since 2007 Tech United Eindhoven belongs to the top of the robot soccer. The Middle Size League tournament in Germany (German Open) has been won several times by Tech United Eindhoven. Also in the World Championship Tech United is a famous name, Tech United already reached 8 tournament finals. Click here for a summary of all results.

Tech United expands

New technologies, developed for the soccer robots, are finding their way to society. For example via robotics for rescue operations or via service robots. To accelerate this, the RoboCup federation has introduced the Rescue- and @Home league, besides the soccer leagues.

In April 2011 AMIGO participated for the first time at the European Championships in Magdeburg. The intention is that AMIGO will be a useful assistant to nurses, which enables elderly people to remain independent for a longer time. With his wheels, he can easily move through the house, and with his arms, he performs human tasks, like opening cupboards and grasping objects. AMIGO participates in the RoboCup@Home where he completes challenges like recognizing different products in a supermarket. To symbolize this team created a new logo born, the sword with the football on top of it was replaced by a vacuum cleaner.


Humanoid Robot

At the faculty of mechanical engineering, another robot was developed, the 'TUlip'. This robot is part of the national Dutch Robotics initiative. This team is born from the collaboration between the 3 TUs. Unfortunately, the TU/e was not satisfied with this cooperation. In December 2012 TU/e decided to continue on its own. It became a part of Tech United. This team also created its own logo, a TURTLE walking on stairs. The TUlip is a humanoid robot, a robot that can walk on two legs, and in the future should walk stairs. These robots will participate in the RoboCup competitions, in the league Humaniod adult size. Unforunatly TUlip is not developed any more.

One team

The three logo’s took some extra space on our website, posters and business cards. Furthermore, the different departments within the team were coming closer together. At the end of 2013, the proliferation of logo’s ended and a new, common logo was introduced. Students from the SintLucas lyceum in Eindhoven were at the base of this logo. The ball combined with the care cross are symbol of the soccer robots and the application of robotics in the healthcare. 

The logo comes to life

In the new logo the famous Turtle disappeared but we did not say farewell to this beautiful animal. During the RoboCup 2013 in Eindhoven the Turtle came to live as a mascot to support our team. Click here to see our mascot in action