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AMIGO at Dutch Design Week

Last week, AMIGO was performing his tasks at the Dutch Design Week in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. The joint exhibition of the TU/e and Design United (3TU), presented for the first time in the Klokgebouw, shows how technology combined with research and design leads to improvement and enrichment of nearly all conceivable human activities. The themes Care, Learn, Live, Move, Sense and Make act as guides. Visitors could see how AMIGO performed taskes in his new world model. AMIGO showed that we could command him on an iPad to navigate somewhere, pick something up or place something down. After we gave AMIGO his tasks he navigated autonomously through his environment and performed the task.

Tech United World Champion Robot Soccer!

For the second time Tech United became World Champion Robot Soccer after winning the Middle-Size League final of the RoboCup 2014 in João Pessoa. Tech United won the final from the Chinese team Water, the team which took the title from Tech United last year. After a very exiting match Tech United won with a score of 3-2!