Tech United participates already for 5 years in the @Home competition of RoboCup with the service robots, AMIGO and SERGIO. The service robot duo are on this moment vice worldchampions and they have several other titles on its name. A multidisciplinair team of (PhD-) students and engineers are working on the software of these robots to perform everyday tasks. In the first video below are some of these tasks performed and in the second video is shown how these tasks are scientific achieved. More photos and videos are available from AMIGO and SERGIO, relevant publications can be found here.

Tech United hopes to expand the robot team with the standard platform Toyota Human Support Robot (HSR) upcomping year and to participate in the RoboCup@Home Domestic Standard Platform League.

Latest developments

Training neural network for object detection and face recognition, using the tensorflow_ros_rqt.

Obstacle avoidance

Reactive Self collision avoidance