Tech United almost ready for RoboCup in China

Tech United almost ready for RoboCup in China

The preparations for RoboCup in China, held between the 17th and 23rd of July, are almost done. Monday, the first part of the team will be transported to China. The rest follows July 14th. On Monday, AMIGO, SERGIO, and some cases with technical stuff will start their journey to China. The soccer robots and the rest of the team will fly to Hefei, the city in which the tournament will take place, on the 14th of July. Two years ago, the Chinese team Water was able to beat us in the final in the tournament held in our home city Eindhoven. This year we will try to prolong our world title in the Middle Size League in the belly of the beast, China.

AMIGO will try to continue his rising results of the last years and become world champion for the first time. Last year he was the runner-up and two months ago he won the German Open for the first time. This year, he will receive some help of is successor SERGIO. Because SERGIO is not totally finished yet, he won't be able to join all the challenges.

Are AMIGO and SERGIO able to continue their rising results of the last years? Are the soccer robots able to prolong their world title in the belly of the beast? Everything can be followed on our website, facebook and twitter.

The tournament is about to start

Today we will play our first match of RoboCup. We start with a derby against the Falcons (ASML). Yesterday we had a great day at the venue, we build up the team area and prepared, tested and tuned the robots.

You can watch the game against the Falcons at 14:00 (GMT). The livestream will be available all day, the match schedule can be found here.   

Portuguese Open 2015

The soccer robots are already on their way to the Portuguese Open. Next wednesday we will follow. Tech United will play matches on 10th and 11th of April and, if we reach the finals, on the 12th. Do not miss the games, we will have a livestream available.

AMIGO at Dutch Design Week

Last week, AMIGO was performing his tasks at the Dutch Design Week in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. The joint exhibition of the TU/e and Design United (3TU), presented for the first time in the Klokgebouw, shows how technology combined with research and design leads to improvement and enrichment of nearly all conceivable human activities. The themes Care, Learn, Live, Move, Sense and Make act as guides. Visitors could see how AMIGO performed taskes in his new world model. AMIGO showed that we could command him on an iPad to navigate somewhere, pick something up or place something down. After we gave AMIGO his tasks he navigated autonomously through his environment and performed the task.

Tech United World Champion Robot Soccer!

For the second time Tech United became World Champion Robot Soccer after winning the Middle-Size League final of the RoboCup 2014 in João Pessoa. Tech United won the final from the Chinese team Water, the team which took the title from Tech United last year. After a very exiting match Tech United won with a score of 3-2!

Tech United/ASML - Campus Tour has Started!

The Tech United/ASML - campus tour has started today at  the Strabrecht College in Geldrop. The Strabrecht College was one of the first high-schools which gave a positive response to the offer to receive a free(!) demonstration from Tech United. For this occasion, the gymnasium of this high-school has been transformed into a RoboCup-Field, on which our soccer robots can show their skills. During the demonstrations on the campus tour, we try to make the students enthousiastic for choosing a Technical Study after finishing high-school. Of course, our soccer robots are a great way to accomplish this goal.