Finally we did it!! For the fifth time in a row we stood in the final, but now for the first time we got the title!! In an exciting replay of the RoboCup Dutch Open final, MRL from Iran was beaten with 4-1.

Just before the game, many things were changed in the software. The helpless feeling after uploading the software, was stronger than ever. Images of the previous four finals flashed through the minds of each team member. We don’t want to lose a final again!

During the final Tech United proved that they have mastered the new application rule, passing the ball over the middle line. Thus, the passes where sharp, exact placed and many opportunities arose. In addition, entirely in Mexican style, the Sombrero was introduced: a flat plate on top of the TURTLEs, which ensured us to stop more lob balls.

The teams working on the AMIGO and the Humanoid robot were also tensed, a real finals atmosphere was created. With a semi-final spot for TUlip and a seventh place for AMIGO they can look back satisfied to this tournament.

Through this way, we want to thank all (former) teammates, fans, sponsors and of course the TU Eindhoven. TURTLE v5, SVN version 4867, 6/23/2012, these are numbers will not forget anymore.


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