Since the start of Tech United the robots have undergone several transformations. 

Version 1

Since the year 2000 the Netherlands are active in robot soccer. The first team was a collection of multiple Dutch universities. The University of Utrecht, University of Amsterdam, De Vrije Universiteit and Delft University of Technology combined their forces and founded 'Clockworks Orange'. In 2005 this collective forfeited. Eindhoven University of Technology (and initially also Delft University of Technology) founded a new team: Tech United. The aim was to qualify as soon as possible for the RoboCup competition. In 2006 Tech United competed in the Dutch open championships called Roboludens. After this event Delft University of Technology withdrew from the team and Eindhoven University of Technology continued on its own.  After the knowledge gained at RoboLudens the progress of Tech United Eindhoven gained a lot of momentum.

The first prototypes were quite simple and consisted of just a groundplate and a kill switch. After some time more and more complex models were build.

Version 2

In 2006 Tech United participated in the Dutch open championships called RoboLudens. Tech United succeeded to shoot at goal for the first time. This was a  highlight in our history. Scoring a goal was not possible yet, but this wouldn't be too far away. A compilation of the tournaments highlights can be seen here:

Version 3

With gained knowledge from the RoboLudens championship the software and hardware got a bug boost in their development. An active ballhandling mechanism was designed. With 2 separate motored wheels the ball could be fetched and dribbled easier. The shot was altered as well. It was now possible to choose between a flat shot and a lob shot.  On the video a match against the CoPS from Stuttgart during the RoboCup World championships in Atlanta is shown. Although this match didn't result in a victory the progress is clearly visible.

Version 4

The year 2008 became a real succes year for Tech United. In April the German open championships were held in Hannover. After a third place last year Tech United managed become the European champion for the first time in its history. 2 Months later the team and the robots flew to Suzhou, China. At the RoboCup World championships Tech United finished second.

Version 6

For the future new designs for the TURTLE are made already. This one can play soccer on real grass.