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Angela Merkel receives tulip from AMIGO


Last week, AMIGO met Angela Merkel and Mark Rutte dresses as 'frau antje'. This meeting took place at the Hannover Messe, worlds largest industrial fair with a Dutch touch this year. On this fair, Dutch companies could exhibit their most innovative products from the hightech industry. The racecar from University Racing Eindhoven and Solar Team Eindhoven with their Stella were also present. AMIGO had the honour to give Angela Merkel an orange tulip. 

Qualification Video's for RoboCup 2014!

Like every year Tech United needs to make qualification video's to qualify for the RoboCup. Because we will also participate at the RoboCup 2014 we made some new qualification video's, one for our soccer robots and one for our care robot.In these video's we show that our robots are on the right level to participate at the RoboCup. Are you curious what are robots can do? Then take a look at the video's below!

Kwalificatie video's for our soccer robots! 

Qualification video for our care robot!