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Unfortunately no title at RoboCup 2015

Unfortunately no title on day of finals at RoboCup 2015

The last day of RoboCup 2015 was all about the big finals. Both the soccer robots as the service robots can become world champion today. This would be a fantastic reward for all the hard work of the team.

The soccer robots will start with their semi-final against ARES from China. They play with the old robots of Water and also there style of play is similar. Earlier in the tournament we played a 5-5 draw against this team so it will be a tough match. Our robots have a good start and they take the lead early in the match. This lead is not been given away and after 30 minutes there is 4-2 score on the scorebord in advance for Tech United. After this match the team prepares the robots for the match we've all been waiting for. The final against our all-time rival Water. Unfortunately the match starts very bad for us and after only 90 seconds the Chinese team already leads with 2-0. After a while they score their third goal and just before half-time we manage to score our first goal of the match. Half time score; 3-1. The second half is very nerve-wrecking and team Water is very efficient in their play and their defence is strong. Eventually Water was found too strong. End score; 4-1. The disappointment is large but Water was the worthy winner.

The final of AMIGO and SERGIO is also a thing that didn't go as planned. Before the final challenge the team expected that with a good performance they would definiately have a chance to take the world title. Tech United starts the challenge on a third position. At the start of the challenge there is an error with the Kinect of SERGIO. The restarts consumes a lot of time and only a few minutes are left for the challenge. The remaining time seemed too short to impress the judges. "This was the best prepared, and worst performed demonstration ever", according to team member Sjoerd van den Dries. The German team Homer performs a solid service robot-demo and grabs the title. Eventually, AMIGO and SERGIO end on a disappointing fourth place.

So, a week of hard work wasn't rewarded with the desired results. Nevertheless we are proud of what we reached with our group. The renewed livestream during the final was a big success. Also our twitter channel was booming during the final. NOS, RTL, Omroep Brabant, Metro, VI, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science,, Tweakers and all big radiostations in the Netherlands have paid attention to the result in China. Both teams are heading for their next tournament, RoboCup Dutch Open in 2016!

Both teams reach day of finals at RoboCup 2015

Both teams reach day of finals at RoboCup 2015

On the fifth day of RoboCup 2015 it's all about reaching the finals of tomorrow. AMIGO and SERGIO must finish in the top five to reach the final and the soccer robots must become first or second in their poule to receive a ticket to the semi-final. 

The soccer robots start the day with a match agains CS_Rob. Unfortunately, this Chinese opponent must stop the match after 7 minutes due to technical problems. Final score; 7-0. The second opponent is MRL from Iran. This was always a tough opponent in previous years but this year they are not able to make a fist. After 30 minutes the score is 8-0 for Tech United. The last opponent of today is Robit. This can not be considered as a tough hurdle because we manage to score 17 times during the match; 17-0. The highlights of these matches can be seen here te bekijken.

AMIGO and SERGIO start their day with the Wake Me Up Challenge. In this challenge, AMIGO has to wake someone up, give him the newspaper and bring a nice breakfast. Unfortunately he drops the box of cereal before he reaches the table but his performance is not bad. This is followed by the RoboNurse, this is a bit more difficult for AMIGO. Several things don't go as they should be going. This is followed by the Restaurant Challenge. This challenge was tested very well at the TU/e but during the challenge there were some problems with speech recognition. Just before time runs out, SERGIO begins his tasks but there is too little time to score much points. The service robots will start the final on a third position and need to get 100 points more than WrightEagle to take the world title. 

Tomorrow is D-day for both teams. The soccer robots will have to beat ARES in the semi-final before team Water waits in the final. AMIGO and SERGIO will have to get 100 points more than the number one to have a chance to take the title. Curious about the highlights of stage 1 in the @Home-league? Check the video.