Although AMIGO does very well on RoboCup-tournaments and other projects, some possible improvements have been discovered. Based on these improvements a new robot, SERGIO (Second Edition Robot for Generic Indoor Operations), is developed. The base of SERGIO has an independent wheel suspension. Hereby, the wheels of SERGIO are always in contact with the floor if the floor is hard, but unequal. This reduces the slipping which makes it easier to drive smoother and more precise. SERGIO has mecanum-wheels, in contrast to the omni-wheels of AMIGO. The torso of SERGIO has two degrees of freedom. This enables him to reach to the ground more easilily and reach objects that are far away on a table. Morover, SERGIO will be modular. Basically, SERGIO consists of four parts; a base, torso, left arm and right arm. This makes testing and maintenance more easy.

The development of SERGIO is not finished yet, but he already joined some tournaments. SERGIO still misses his arms and body caps. On the picture below on the left you can see how SERGIO looks at this moment. On the picture on the right you can see how SERGIO will look like when he is finished.