Soccer robots

But why did the RoboCup federation choose for a football league? First of all, soccer is a popular sport worldwide so soccer competitions get a lot of attention from spectators since a lot of people enjoy watching soccer matches.

The soccer robots must communicate with each other and with elements from its constantly changing environment. Think about the interaction between the robots and the referee or deciding which robot will take a free kick or which robot will be the attacker or will stay in front of the goal to defend. The speed of the game forces us to come up with efficient algorithms. At the same time, the fixed dimensions of the field give us a starting point from which we can start making smart localization and object detection.

Playing soccer with robots is a huge challenge on the field of software and mechatronics. Moreover, the element of competition makes that the entire team is highly motivated so they will spend a large part of their spare time on improving the robots. Everyone dreams of being the world champion some day!

There are different RoboCup competitions: Some of them, but not all, are the Simulation League, Small Size League, Middle Size League, Standard Platform League and Humanoid League.

The soccer robots of Tech United participate in the Middle Size League. This is a competition of robots with a maximum size of 52x52x80 cm. They play fully autonomously. The only interaction with humans is that with the referee, who can start or stop they play when necessary.