RoboCup team Tech United

Tech United is a team from the Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e).


During the tournaments the TURTLEs (the soccer robots), AMIGO (the care robot) and TUlip (the humanoid robot) are in the spotlights but meanwhile 80 enthusiastic team members are working hard on the robots. Students, PhD students and scientific staff make the robots work. The home pitch is the RoboCup stadium at Eindhoven University of Technology. On this field the team members improve the robots every Tuesday evening. The knowledge that they gain is passed on to other robotics projects at TU/e and eventually to society. 

All students and staff take part in the project on a voluntary base. Most of them study Mechanical Engineering, others Electrical Engineering. Some of them are already graduated, but still eagerly spend some spare time on the project. Together every year we strive to become World Champions and to bring RoboCup a bit closer to its goal! 

Check this page to see this teams results so far.

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