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Welcome at the Tech United MSL Wiki, a RoboCup soccer team from Eindhoven University of Technology.
TURTLE robot, generation 2009. See
TURTLE robot, generation 2009. See

Tech United Eindhoven is a multidisciplinary team of (old) students, PhDs and employees of Eindhoven University of Technology which are involved in the development of robotics. Knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer algorithms are used to solve problems. The home of Tech United is the RoboCup stadium on the university.

Tech United participates in tournaments all over the world. RoboCup is an annual world championship for robots that can communicate and react on a constantly changing environment. RoboCup is an open-source competition. After each tournament all the knowledge is shared among teams. Also the regulations of the game are changing every year to challenge teams to constantly improve and innovate their technologies.

Tech United participates with two teams: in the Middle Size Soccer League and in the @Home League. At this wiki you find all the information about our RoboCup Middle Size Soccer team (MSL). More information about our care robot AMIGO (@Home League) van be found here. In the past, Tech United also participated in the Humanoid Adult Size League. Information about this humanoid robot can be found here.

More information about our team, our goal and RoboCup, click here.

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