Resultaten PO2019

18 april 2023

Portuguese Open 2019

Ons team was in Gondomar (Portugal) tijdens de Portugese Open 2019. Hieronder kan je het wedstrijdrooster en de resultaten bekijken.

Schedule & Results April 25th 2019:

Time (NL)Time (PO)TeamScoreTeam
15:0014:00Tech United14 - 05DPO
16:0015:00Falcons1 - 0VDL Robot Sports
17:0016:00Cambada3 - 05DPO
18:0017:00VDL Robot Sports0 - 10Tech United

Schedule & Results April 26th 2019:

Tijd (NL)Tijd (PO)TeamScoreTeam
10:0009:00Falcons0 - 13Cambada
11:0010:005DPO0 - 3VDL Robot Sports
14:0013:00Tech United12 - 1Falcons
15:0014:00VDL Robot Sports0 - 7Cambada
16:0015:005DPO0 - 4Falcons
17:0016:00Cambada2 - 0Tech United
18:0017:00Falcons 3 - 0VDL Robot Sports
19:00 18:00Tech United6 - 05DPO

Schedule & Results April 27th 2019:

Time (NL)Time (PO)TeamScoreTeam
10:0009:00Cambada16 - 05DPO
11:0010:00VDL Robot Sports1 - 8Tech United
12:0011:00Falcons0 - 17Cambabda
13:0012:005DPO0 - 6VDL Robot Sports
15:0014:00Tech United19 - 0Falcons
16:0015:00VDL Robot Sports0 - 12Camabada
17:0016:005DPO0 - 14Falcons
18:0017:00Cambada0 - 1Tech United

Schedule & Results April 28th 2019:

Schedule for the semi-Finals:

Time (NL)Tijd (PO)TeamScoreTeam
10:0009:00Cambada12 - 0VDL Robot Sports
11:0010:00Tech United10 - 1Falcons

Schedule for the Finals:

Time (NL)Tijd (PO)TeamScoreTeam
13:0012:00VDL Robot Sports0 - 3Falcons
14:0013:00Cambada2 - 1Tech United

Result overview:

TeamGoals forGoals againstGoals differ.WinsDrawsLosses
2Tech United70466701
4VDL Robot Sports1041-31206



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Tech United is a multidisciplinary team of (former) students, PhD’s and employees of the Eindhoven University of Technology that focusses on the development of robotics. Knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer algorithms are used to solve problems. Tech United's home base is the RoboCup stadium at the Eindhoven University of Technology.
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