A first during day one of the robotics festival in Portugal

28 April 2023

After yesterday's setup day, we can really get started today. The robotics festival is opened with a pass demo by our TURTLEs and penalties with Anabela Freitas, the mayor of Tomar, and João Coroado, president of IPT, as goalkeepers. Our goal for this event is to test many new soccer skills. Today we also have shown something for the first time in history of the Middle Size League: a fully autonomous substitution during a match! This means that our TURTLEs initiate and perform the substitution themselves.

We're not playing against robots in this match, but against humans. This provides us with many valuable insights that allow us to take significant steps forward. Later in the afternoon, we play another match against humans. Curious about how it went? We live-streamed this match: https://youtube.com/live/8rw-N_UI6mg.

This year, in addition to our MSL team with the TURTLEs, our @Home team is also participating with the robot HERO, the Human Support Robot from Toyota. HERO explored the arena today and behaved like a true host. Tomorrow, a new challenge awaits. Other @Home robots are also participating, which creates interesting competition!

For a livestream of the entire event, check https://youtube.com/@fnript2023

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