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1 May 2023
Succesful Robotica festival in Tomar, Portugal

Yesterday was unfortunately the final day of the Robotics Festival 2023 in Tomar, Portugal. This festival presents a wonderful opportunity for the team to prepare for the World Championship 2023 in Bordeaux, which will take place in about two months. Thanks to the team's hard work, from early mornings to late nights, there have been […]

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29 April 2023
Second day of robotics festival

After a late night yesterday, we are back on site early today. @Home has scheduled the first challenge at 9 a.m.: HERO will assist in carrying bags. This is not the only function HERO will have today, as he will also clean up the house and act as a waiter in the restaurant. There is […]

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28 April 2023
A first during day one of the robotics festival in Portugal

After yesterday's setup day, we can really get started today. The robotics festival is opened with a pass demo by our TURTLEs and penalties with Anabela Freitas, the mayor of Tomar, and João Coroado, president of IPT, as goalkeepers. Our goal for this event is to test many new soccer skills. Today we also have […]

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25 October 2022
Upcoming news and developments

After recovering from a very successful World Cup last summer, we are again busy with the development and improvement of our robots. Read below what we are up to! MSL workshop Tech United is going to organize the 11th MSL workshop together with VDL Robot Sports. The workshop will be held on the 16th and […]

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16 July 2022
Tech United wins World Championship twice!

The final day of the tournament has arrived. The moment of truth. The moment all aspects should come together. The moment everybody worked that hard for the past few days. @Home has to compete against the same oppenent as they did in 2019 during the final and MSL has to compete against the Falcons from […]

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15 July 2022
Tech United with both team in the finals!

The third day of the World Cup arrived, the day before the finals. This day determined which teams will make it into these finals. MSL had a few difficulties during the day, but managed to end with a great semi-final! For @Home it was a very close battle. Three teams were fighting for a place in the finals. […]

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14 July 2022
Day 2 of the World Championships

The second day of the world championship was an exciting one. In MSL we had the chance to improve our scores during the second match against every competing team. Especially the match against the Falcons was a good practice for the third round robin that will start tomorrow. The @Home team got the chance to redo the challenges of yesterday […]

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13 July 2022
First day of competition

Today was the first competition day of the RoboCup 2022 World Championship. Our soccer robots played their first matches in Round Robin 1 and service robot HERO performed several challenges in stage 1. The soccer robots dominated all the games they played, which gives us good hope for the rest of the tournament. @Home had some bad luck […]

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12 July 2022
Finally there: World Cup Bangkok 2022!

After two years the moment is finally there, we can compete again and defend our world title of 2019! It is exciting to be at RoboCup again and to find out what kind of progression other teams have made over the last years. This Sunday the whole team came together in Bangkok and had a nice catch up […]

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6 June 2022
Tech United recaptures European title

After a thrilling final Tech United wins the European title in robot soccer again. The team of VDL Robot Sports is beaten with a convincing result of 13-1. Subsequently, Tech United plays a match against the professional womans team of Guimarães, Vitória SC. Tech United managed to suprise the women with a strong series of penalties. […]

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30 May 2022
On to the European Cup and World Cup 2022!

The last tournament preperations are being done. From the 1st to the 4th of June, our soccer robots will be in Portugal for the European Cup. A bit more than a month later, both the soccer robots as the service robot will fly to Bangkok to compete in the World Cup. Will we be able […]

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3 February 2022
Annual Report 2021

Curious about what we have done the past year? Read all about our latest developments and events in our Tech United Annual Report of 2021. Tech United Annual Report 2021 '

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7 September 2021
Podcast: The Value of Student Competitions - RoboCup Explained

Tangible Computing interviewed us for their podcast! "Wouter Kuijpers a former team captain of Tech United one of the most successful teams in the RoboCup (Middle Size League) explains the motivation for having a team of robots playing football autonomously. In addition, we learn how the RoboCup Federation organizes multiple leagues and how each league […]

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26 June 2021
1st and 2nd place at RoboCup 2021!

Last weekend was RoboCup Worldwide! The online variant of the world championship robot soccer. Unfortunately, we could not go to Bordeaux this year, so we brought the French atmosphere to Eindhoven. Read here how it went! Technical Challenge We got the 1st place at the Technical Challenge! During this challengeall the teams could show what […]

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16 June 2021
Next week RoboCup 2021!

On the 26th and 27th of June our soccer robots can play again, but this year it will look different than other years. We are not going to play soccer matches against each other, but we will compete in the Technical Challenge and the Scientific Challenge. These challenges were already a part of the tournament […]

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26 February 2021
8-wheel robot

The developments of our newest 8-wheeled robot did not stop! He now can play fast and smoothly with his team mates. The biggest advantage of this robot is that his 8 wheels can all turn in the same direction, so he can achieve a larger acceleration than his 3-(omni)wheeled predecessors. Hopefully he can make a […]

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18 November 2020
Call for participation MSL Workshop 2020!

Call for participation to all Robocup Middle-Size League teams! The 10th annual international MSL Workshop will be held on the 12th and the 13th of December 2020 online between approximately 8.00 and 14.00 CET. You can register your team for the MSL Workshop with the Google Form until the 23rd of November! More information? Mail to  […]

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17 November 2020
Soccer robots must defeat human world champions by 2050

Innovation Origins also made an interesting article about our soccer robots! Everything about our tactics, the world model and the goal of our motorized Oranjeleeuwinnen. Have you already seen it? Find the articlehere. '

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17 November 2020
Our goal for 2050!

In 2050 we can beat the world champions of real soccer! And we can keep elderly longer at home with a robotic helper. We do a lot of research in robotics, but why exactly? Watch our video for the SEFI 2020 Conference here: '

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14 October 2020
Service robots have to think like people, but they will never become human

Read an insightful article from Innovation Origins about our service robots here. '

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7 July 2019
Two times world champions!

Our soccer robots and service robots managed to get the first place in RoboCup 2019 in Sydney!  It really was a dream final for both teams. Our soccer robots had a thrilling match against Water from China, where we had to go into extra time after a 4-4 draw. We eventually managed to score twice, […]

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26 June 2019
The robots are Down Under!

After a long flight, the team has finally arrived on Australian soil. Just one more night of sleep until the moment we have all been waiting for finally arrives and the first challenge begins. Our precious robots have finally arrived in Australia as well! Within two set-up days, the robots are completely prepared for the […]

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1 May 2019
German Open 2019

While the TURTLEs are resting from their tournament in Portugal, our care robot HERO is on his way to the German Open. He is ready for his debut! Every year our service robot takes part in the German Open in Magdeburg. This year HERO makes his debute. On Tuesday the 30th of April, the @Home […]

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29 October 2018
Hot-hotter-hottest, Machine learning in the MSL league

In continuation of the hot-or-not event organized by Sioux: Soccer player Robin van Persie a.k.a. the Flying Dutchman first played in the Dutch national team in June 2005. Van Persie is the player within the team with the most goals behind his name. Van Persie is a dangerous player, all other teams know that once […]

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31 July 2017
RoboCup 2017, a summary of the week

After a long week filled with challenges, stress, competitions and enthusiasm, RoboCup 2017 has come to an end. This newsletter summarizes everything that happened this week. The team arrived in Nagoya, Japan on Monday. That day was spent investigating the surroundings and recovering from the jetlag. Tuesday and Wednesday were the setup days, which means […]

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22 July 2017
The RoboCup World Cup is here!

As many of you know, RoboCup 2017 will commence next week! On Sunday the 23rdof July we will depart to Nagoya early in the morning. On Monday we will take our time in exploring Nagoya and getting familiar with the Japanese culture. Tuesday and Wednesday are setup days and on Wednesday the MSL team will […]

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7 May 2017
Tech United second during German Open 2017!

On Tuesday the @Home team arrives in Magdeburg for the German Open 2017. The @Home competition of the German Open resembles the competition of the world championships and is therefore great preparation for Japan. Just like during the world championships, the competition is based on challenges. The teams must all attempt various challenges to obtain […]

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30 April 2017
Tech United wins first place Portuguese Open 2017!

The MSL team arrives at Coimbra on Wednesday evening after a long day of traveling. The Portuguese Open is held in Coimbra and Tech United, along with 6 other teams, is competing for the first place in the Middle Size League. The Portuguese Open is great practice for the world championships in Japan, so the […]

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3 July 2016
MSL WORLD CHAMPION, @Home 2nd place at RoboCup

The football robots won the final against Water and thereby claimed the world title!! This thrilling final ended with an equal score and during the extra time both team scored once. Which means we needed penalties! Our keeper stopped all five penalties so when we sored the first penatly, we knew we earned the world […]

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1 July 2016
Good start at RoboCup 2016

Good start at RoboCup 2016 The first matchday of RoboCup 2016 is over. It was a successful day for both teams. For the care robots, three challenges were scheduled. SERGIO had to navigate and avoid obstacles and during the Speech Recognition Challenge he had to answer a lot of questions. Answering the questions went very […]

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13 December 2015
RoboCup European Open 2016

Eindhoven hosts RoboCup European Open 2016 The website for this spectacular robot event is online! The RoboCup European Open 2016 will take place from 30 March till 3 April in the Evoluon in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. On 30 March, doors will be open for visitors. Participants from countries all over the world will battle against […]

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22 July 2015
Unfortunately no title at RoboCup 2015

Unfortunately no title on day of finals at RoboCup 2015 The last day of RoboCup 2015 was all about the big finals. Both the soccer robots as the service robots can become world champion today. This would be a fantastic reward for all the hard work of the team. The soccer robots will start with […]

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21 July 2015
Both teams reach day of finals at RoboCup 2015

Both teams reach day of finals at RoboCup 2015 On the fifth day of RoboCup 2015 it's all about reaching the finals of tomorrow. AMIGO and SERGIO must finish in the top five to reach the final and the soccer robots must become first or second in their poule to receive a ticket to the […]

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19 July 2015
Both teams on schedule for world title

Both teams on schedule for world title after third day The third day of RoboCup 2015 starts at 8.00 a.m. like every other day. The soccer robots will play their first official match and the service robots are facing four challenges today. The first match of the soccer robots is against Lushan, from China. From […]

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17 July 2015
Start of Tech United at RoboCup 2015

Start of Tech United at RoboCup 2015 All the robots and team members have safely arrived in China for RoboCup 2015! Today is the first setup-day of the tournament. On Saturday, the soccer robots will have to do the Technical Challenge and Scientific Challenge. AMIGO and SERGIO will start Saturday with the Robot Inspection and […]

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20 June 2015
Tech United almost ready for RoboCup in China

Tech United almost ready for RoboCup in China The preparations for RoboCup in China, held between the 17th and 23rd of July, are almost done. Monday, the first part of the team will be transported to China. The rest follows July 14th. On Monday, AMIGO, SERGIO, and some cases with technical stuff will start their […]

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12 April 2015
Winners Portugal Open 2015!


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10 April 2015
The tournament is about to start

Today we will play our first match of RoboCup. We start with a derby against the Falcons (ASML). Yesterday we had a great day at the venue, we build up the team area and prepared, tested and tuned the robots. You can watch the game against the Falcons at 14:00 (GMT). The livestream will be […]

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2 April 2015
Portuguese Open 2015

The soccer robots are already on their way to the Portuguese Open.Next wednesday we will follow.Tech United will play matches on 10th and 11th of April and, if we reach the finals, on the 12th. Do not miss the games, we will have a livestream available. '

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26 October 2014
AMIGO at Dutch Design Week

Last week, AMIGO was performing his tasks at the Dutch Design Week in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. The joint exhibition of the TU/e and Design United (3TU), presented for the first time in the Klokgebouw, shows how technology combined with research and design leads to improvement and enrichment of nearly all conceivable human activities. The […]

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24 July 2014
Tech United World Champion Robot Soccer!

For the second time Tech United became World Champion Robot Soccer after winning the Middle-Size League final of the RoboCup 2014 in João Pessoa. Tech United won the final from the Chinese team Water, the team which took the title from Tech United last year. After a very exiting match Tech United won with a […]

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3 June 2014
Tech United/ASML - Campus Tour has Started!

TheTech United/ASML - campus tour has started today at the Strabrecht College in Geldrop. The Strabrecht College was one of the first high-schools which gave a positive response to the offer to receive a free(!) demonstration from Tech United. For this occasion, the gymnasium of this high-school has been transformed into a RoboCup-Field, on which […]

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22 May 2014
Tech United does Giovanni van Bronckhorst

Do you remember the goal of Dutch captain Giovanni van Bronckhorst against Uruguay during the semi-final of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa? Tech United did almost the same last week in Portugal! '

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19 May 2014
Debut of the 4-wheeled robot

During the semi-final of the Portuguese Open in Espinho, our prototype of the 4-wheeled robot made its debut. This robot is developed in conjuction with Prodrive Technologies. We worked hard enough to be able to give him some minutes to play. Curious about his performance? Watch this movie! '

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19 May 2014
Highlights final Portuguese Open 2014

Tech United is the winner of the Portuguese Open 2014. The final of the tournament in Espinho went between Tech United and CAMBADA, the team and our collegues from Aveiro, Portugal. After an exiting final, 2-1 was the final score in advantage of Tech United. Curious about the highlights of this match? Watch this movie! […]

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18 May 2014
Tech United continues to semi-final

MATCHDAY! We also won all our matches yesterday so Tech United finished on the first place in the group phase. In a few moments, at 10 o'clock Dutch time, we will play the semi-final against 5DPO. If we win that match we can defend our titel at 14:30 pm in the final. Curious about the […]

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15 April 2014
Angela Merkel receives tulip from AMIGO

Last week, AMIGO,dressed as 'frau antje', met Angela Merkel and Mark Rutte. This meeting took place at the Hannover Messe, the worlds largest industrial fair with a Dutch touch this year. On this fair, Dutch companies could exhibit their most innovative products from the hightech industry. The racecar from University Racing Eindhoven and Stella from […]

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20 February 2014
Qualification Video\s for RoboCup 2014!

Like every year Tech United needs to make qualification video's to qualify for the RoboCup. Because we will also participate at the RoboCup 2014 we made some new qualification video's, one for our soccer robots and one for our care robot.In these video's we show that our robots are on the right level to participate […]

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12 July 2013
RoboCup 2013

After a great tournament in Eindhoven the robots of Tech United Eindhoven delivered some wonderful results! TUlip, the humanoid robot which participated in the humanoid adult size league ended up 4th, just like last year in Mexico City. AMIGO, the care robot of Tech United, which participated in the @Home League reached the finals! Last […]

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26 June 2013
First place Tech United scientific challenge!

On the second day of RoboCup 2013, Tuesday, the scientific challenge took place in de Middle Size League. In the scientific challeges every team had to present a technical development from last year. Gerald Koudijs from Tech United presented the automatic referee and won this challenge for Tech United! The automatic referee has to make […]

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20 June 2013
RoboCup preparations

The world championship RoboCup will start in less than one week! Throughout the whole year all the teams worked with full dedication to improve our robots. In one week is the moment of truth, RoboCup 2013. Last year the world cup was in Mexico and next year the event will be held in Brazil, but […]

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1 May 2013
Soccer robots win Portese Open

The soccer robot team from the Technical University of Eindhoven has won the final of the 'Portuguese Open' on the 28th of April in Lisbon. This is an important step towards the WC RoboCup, which will take place from the 26th till the 30th of June. The opponent in the final was the team of […]

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26 February 2013
Unmenschlich guter Roboterfußball!

Two years ago, at the RoboCup German Open in Magdeburg, the German composerRalf Hoyerattended a robotsoccer match between Tech United and Carpe Noctem. Hoyer got so enthousiastic about this that he drove all the way to Eindhoven to visit the RoboCup Dutch Open one year later. There Hoyer invited our team together with the team […]

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3 July 2012

Finally we did it!!For the fifth time in a row we stood in the final, but now for the first time we got the title!! In an exciting replay of the RoboCup Dutch Open final, MRL from Iran was beaten with 4-1. Just before the game, many things were changed in the software. The helpless […]

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25 April 2012
Follow Tech United during the Robocup Dutch Open

As home-playing team,Tech United competes with all it’s teams on the RoboCup Dutch Open. During the whole tournament all the news and information about the tournament can be found on the site of the organization. Here an overview: Besides the competitions and the Technology exhibition, there will be a square full of robotic things. You […]

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19 December 2011
Merry Christmas and an Innovative New Year!

Just back from the trip to Ukraine, the robots had another important job to do. In the brand new entrance of Gemini, a film set was build around a tall Christmas tree. Notable at the set was the humanoidTUlip, the walking robot from the Eindhoven University of Technology. Originally, the developers of this robot had […]

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2 December 2011
Worldwide cooperation on robot hardware

TU/e starts open source system for faster development of better, lower-cost robots Many universities around the world are working on the development of robots. In most cases independently, which means development takes longer, robots remain costly and products from different groups are incompatible. That’s why Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is today starting the Robotic […]

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14 July 2011
Team Water wins second consecutive World Title

Results of RoboCup Istanbul 2011here! Final match vs. team Water: part 1| part 2| part 3| part 4 Again we’re one goal short of winning a world title in soccer robotics. After beating RFC Stuttgart in the semi-finals, we met team Water in the final match. Many team members feared this team from China because […]

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8 July 2011
AMIGO out of competition

All hope has gone, the team is very down at the moment. AMIGO started his last challenge, the Go Get It, of the day remarkable well. But soon after, he hit an object which is not allowed. This meant the end of the competion for the @Home team. During the Go Get It challenge the […]

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8 July 2011
Carpet torn apart by goalkeeper

We knew our new goalkeeper was much more powerful than the previous one. Still we were quite surprised it was actually too powerful for the Mid Size League carpets! Earlier today we couldn’t start our match against MRL on time, because to carpet was too damaged to play. The local RoboCup organizers acted firmly and […]

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7 July 2011
AMIGO has a good start at the WC

Today AMIGO finally got the chance to show what he could do. The team was looking anxiously towards the first challenge. A total of 19 teams subscribed for the competition which started with the 'registration challenge'. During this challenge the AMIGO must register himself at the judges table and the team captain has to give […]

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7 July 2011
Second place for TURTLEs after technical challenge

Preceding the Mid Size League matches, the teams have to be ranked. This was done via a technical challenge. Each team got a chance to prove themselves by taking a parcour on the field. During this parcour the robot has to recognize several balls varying in color. This ball must then be grabbed and played […]

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7 July 2011
Second challenge @Home finished with point loss

The “Follow Me” challenge, were a robot should follow a random person, did not go as planned for Tech United. Normally the robot must follow a person and take a couple of obstacles, like a distraction of another person. Unfortunately AMIGO never reached the first obstacle. After starting to follow, the person went around a […]

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7 July 2011
AMIGO recognizes a person

The second challenge of the day was the “Who is Who”. In this challenge AMIGO must learn three faces and ascribe names to those faces. Then, he must move through a living room and try to find people and recognize them if possible. In the room there will be 5 people that are placed randomly. […]

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7 July 2011
Playing a game of cups vs AMIGO

The high point of the day was the Open Challenge. This challenge does not have a script, like the other challenges. Instead the teams can show their own demo in which they must present a strong or unique point on their robotics system. For Tech United this meant that there was a great opportunity to […]

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5 July 2011
Magnetic field right below field!

After the coffee related problem we mentioned earlier today on our Vive les Robots blog, a lot of new code has been tested. Important problem the team faces is related to the electronic compass, or actually it's related to the field. A magnetic field right below the soccer field is strong enough to disturb the […]

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4 July 2011
Arrived in Istanbul

As early as 5.30 AM our team gathered at the building of mechanical engineering at TU/e. Sleeping in the Touringcar was not an option though. Before we were out of Eindhoven, discussions about the latest RoboCup news were started and some team members even took their notebooks to start coding. After a smooth flight we […]

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29 June 2011
A Tournament is Coming

Hardly recovered from a beautiful Fan Evening the world championship is allready waiting. AMIGO and the TURTLEs were put in their flightcases last Monday, the team will leave coming Sunday. Post the Poster As a loyal fan, you probably wonder how to help Tech United gain popularity; We've come up with a solution! Print this […]

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23 June 2011
Full house during fan evening

It was standing room only at the fan evening of Eindhoven University of Technology’s robot soccer team. The team will soon be on the way to this year’s RoboCup World Championships in Istanbul. The robot team, with big improvements for this tear’s championship, was presented to the public at TU/e on Thursday evening, 16 June. […]

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25 May 2011
TURTLE world isn't flat anymore

With only four weeks to go before Tech United will leave for Istanbul, pressure starts to rise. This has its effect on the intensity of team evenings but luckily also on the progress that’s been made! Below you’ll read about our most important breakthroughs. Crucial for the TURTLEs is 3D ball recognition, which is very […]

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3 April 2011
TURTLEs reach milestone

The dual against Stuttgart was not relevant for Tech United regarding the standings in the group matches. Tech United fans that did not watch this match on our live stream missed something impressive though! Wouter Aangenent (Strategy specialist) wrote software that will change TURTLE soccer forever. Our team members have been speculating for years what […]

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3 April 2011
Geman Open 2011 won by TURTLEs!

Again Tech United Mid-Size wins the German Open! The RoboCup stadium in Magdeburg was packed with people. Apparently many of them were carrying smartphones because minutes before the second half the entire internet connection collapsed. Bad news for those watching the livestream but the TURTLEs were unpertubated. Software was configured as robust as possible so […]

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2 April 2011
Carpe Noctem Scores Against Tech United

Tech United vs. RFC Stuttgart (5 - 0) - The previous match against Stuttgart was a perfect example of strong defence. Both teams put their robots incatenaccio modewich longtime prevented them from making a goal. Also yesterday it took quite some time before the TURTLEs started scoring. Same as with humans, catenaccio soccer is dealt […]

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1 April 2011
Power Supply Throws a Spanner in the Work

Today AMIGO made his first appearance ever during a tournament. Together with seven other teams he competed in three Challenges. It was a tough day with lots of emotion for the @Home team members. The happiness to see the first meters the AMIGO made on her first tournament day was exchanged by sadness when an […]

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31 March 2011
Getting Ready for Action

The website has colored bright orange and that means that we are now officially inTournament Mode at Tech United Eindhoven. The faces of our team members are focused and the fridge (not walking) is filled with caffeinated drinks. Tech United is ready for action! This does not mean we are doing nothing. We are approaching […]

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29 March 2011
Announcement German Open 2011

Frequent visitors of our RoboCup stadium at TU/e probably are already notified by theposters; A tournament is coming! This Tuesday the team will leave for Magdeburg where for four days in a row a heavy battle will rage. This German Open tournament will be the first opportunity for AMIGO to show her abilities in the […]

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29 January 2011
Massive breakthrough during RoboEarth week!

TU/e scholars forced a breakthrough in robot technologies! Scientists of Universities of Technology in München, Zaragoza, Zurich, Stuttgart and from Philips gathered in Eindhoven for the past week. Together with these institutions, the TU/e formesRoboEarth, a project that aims on developing a world wide web for robots. For five days in a row, a group […]

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7 December 2010
Techunited is expanding

After hours of hard work, simulations and technical drawings the AMIGO robot could finally be presented to theaudience. Last week Heico Sandee and Janno Lunenburg presented the service robot at the TU/e. The official birth was set in motion by Prof. Steinbuch, head of the section for Control Systems Technology from the department for Mechanical […]

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1 July 2010
Compilation movie RoboCup 2010 Singapore

Tech United 2nd at WC Watch all movies of the WC here '

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23 April 2010
Compilation RoboCup German Open 2010 Magdeburg

After a great tournament in Magdeburg the whole team is back on track again. In about two months the challenge is up ahead: the WC in Singapore. Only 2 days after arrival everybody started preparing the TURTLE's for again for this tournament. This will be neccessary as the WC is jsut a level higher. But […]

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