World Championship, Bangkok, Thailand: 1st place. Technical Challenge Award.
Portuguese Open, Guimaraes: 1st place.

World Championship, Montreal, Canada: 1st placeTechnical and Scientific Challenge Award.
Portuguese Open, Torres Vedras, Portugal: 1st place

World Championship, Leipzig, Germany: 1st place
Portuguese Open, Braganca: 2nd place
RoboCup Eindhoven Open, Eindhoven, the Netherlands: 1st place

World Championship, João Pessoa, Brazil: 1st place
Portuguese Open, Porto, Portugal: 1st place

World Championship, Mexico city, Mexico: 1st place. Scientific Challenge Award.
RoboCup Dutch Open, Eindhoven, the Netherlands: 1st place

World Championship, Singapore: 2nd place. Scientific Challenge Award.
German Open, Magdeburg, Germany: 1st place

World Championship, Suzhou, China: 2nd place
German Open, Hannover Germany: 1st place

World Championship, Bremen, Germany

World Championship, Worldwide: Technical Challenge Award.

World Championship, Sydney, Australia: 1st place. Scientific Challenge Award.
Portuguese Open, Porto: 2nd place

World Championship, Nagoya, Japan: 2nd place. Scientific Challenge Award.
Portuguese Open, Coimbra: 1st place

World Championship, Hefei, China: 2nd place. Scientific Challenge Award.
Portuguese Open, Vila Real: 1st place

World Championship, Eindhoven, the Netherlands: 2nd place. Scientific Challenge Award.
Portugese Open, Lisbon, Portugal: 1st place

World Championship, Istanbul, Turkey : 2nd place
German Open Magdeburg, Magdeburg, Germany: 1st place

World Championship, Graz, Germany : 2nd place
German Open, Hannover, Germany: 3rd place

World Championship, Atlanta, USA: 5th place
German Open, Hannover, Germany: 3rd place

Toboludens Dutch Open, Eindhoven, the Netherlands



Team Description Paper

Once a year, our team publishes a Team Description Paper. These documents describe the main innovations for each RoboCup season. For 2023 the TDP can be found below. 

Team Description Paper 2023


Qualification video

Every year Tech United's TURTLE has to show its abilities in a 1 minute short movie. This video shows all the basic abilities and special features of our TURTLE. Last years movie is visible below.

Mechanical and electrical design

The technical drawings of the Tech United hardware can be found by clicking on the following links (zip files).

Mechanical drawings | Electrical drawings


Software Flow Charts

The Tech United software can be found here. The structure of the software is explained using MATLAB Simulink flow charts, which can be found by clicking on the links below (opening in Internet Explorer requires a seperate plugin).

Software Scheme | Motion | Strategy | Vision | World model


Recent publications


Contributions to the RoboCup community

  • Member Executive Committee, J.J. Olthuis (2022-present)
  • Member Technical Committee, R.M. Beumer (2022-present)
  • Organisation of MSL workshop in Eindhoven, P. Teurlings (2022)
  • Member Technical Committee, J.J. Olthuis (2021-2022)
  • Maintenance of the RefBox, S. Kempers, J.J. Olthuis (2018-present)
  • Organisation of Online MSL Workshop, A.A. Kokkelmans (2020)
  • Organisation of MSL workshop in Eindhoven, W.J.P. Kuijpers, A.A. Kokkelmans, Robert de Bruijne (2019)
  • Setup and maintenance of, Guy Vermeulen, Marjon van 't Klooster (2019)
  • Member exective committee MSL, W. Houtman (2018-2022) 
  • Member technical committee MSL, W. Houtman (2017-2018)
  • Organisation of MSL workshop in Eindhoven, W.J.P. Kuijpers (2017)
  • Member Organization Committee RoboCup MSL, Lotte de Koning (2016 - 2017)
  • Organisation RoboCup European Open 2016, Eindhoven
  • Maintenance of the official MSL Wiki (2015)
  • Organisation of MSL workshop in Eindhoven (2014)
  • TURTLE 5k, a low-cost robot for RoboCup MSL (2013)
  • Member exective committee MSL, R.P.T. Soetens (2013 - 2017) 
  • Organisation of RoboCup 2013, Eindhoven
  • Member technical committee MSL, R.P.T. Soetens (2012 - 2013)
  • Organisation of RoboCup Dutch Open 2012, Eindhoven
  • Administrator robocup-mid mailing list, R.J.E. Merry (2010 – 2012)
  • Maintainer MSL Wiki page, R.J.E. Merry (2010 – 2012)
  • Middle Size League Executive, R.J.E. Merry (2010 - 2012)
  • Chair Organizing Committee,  R.J.E. Merry (2009 & 2011)
  • Technical Committee, R.J.E Merry (2008 and 2009)
  • Contribution to the refbox development, P.E.J. van Brakel (2007-2008)
  • Organisation of the RoboCup Challenge 2005 in Eindhoven, ERC (2005)



About Tech United

Tech United is a multidisciplinary team of (former) students, PhD’s and employees of the Eindhoven University of Technology that focusses on the development of robotics. Knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer algorithms are used to solve problems. Tech United's home base is the RoboCup stadium at the Eindhoven University of Technology.
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