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RoboCup 2022

RoboCup 2022 takes place in Bangkok from the 10th to the 17th of July. Visit our website, social media and youtube account for the last updates, livestreams, photos and videos!

Social Media

Find out how you can stay up to date and cheer us on during the tournaments by means of a.o.t. Twitter, Facebook and Livestreams, below. All information concerning the tournaments can be found below too.

  • Pictures of tournaments are available on our Flickr page.
  • Live reports of the competitions and challenges on Twitter and Facebook
  • Livestreams and summaries of the @Home challenges and MSL competitions are available on our YouTube channel
  • More information of the different leagues is available on the RoboCup website

European RoboCup 2022

From the 1st to the 4th of June the European RoboCup took place. It was great to be present at a tournament again after almost three years. We may not have played tournaments in the past year, but we did make a lot of developments that we could finally test in real matches.

With a great final match we took the European title back to Eindhoven. The team of VDL Robot Sports is beaten with a convincing score of 13-1. After the finals we played against the professional women soccer team of Guimarães, Vitória SC. Despite the fact that they played on half power, we learned incredibly much from this game. Furthermore, we suprised the soccer players with a strong penalty series.

RoboCup 2021

On the 26th and 27th of June, the first online variant of the RoboCup tournament took place. This year it was different that we are used to. We did not play soccer matches against each other, but we competed in the Technical Challenge and Scientific Challenge. This year we only participated with our soccer robots. We ended up in the 1st place of the Technical Challenge and the 2nd place of the Scientific Challenge. View the scores here!

RoboCup 2019

Two times world champions! Tech United managed to become first in both the Middle Size League (soccer robots) and the @Home League (service robots). RoboCup 2019 was from the 2nd until the 8th of July in Sydney, Australia. Missed the finals? Watch them here:

You can also watch all the other matches on our youtube channel or the full results of the service robots and soccer robots.

German Open 2019

Every year our service robot takes part in the German Open in Magdeburg. This year HERO made his debute. On Tuesday the 30th of April, the @Home team travelled to Magdeburg. On Wednesday and Thursday there was time for the last preperations. On Friday and Saturday the competition really started. The robots from all ten @Home teams tried to score as many points possible on several challenges. On Sunday the 5th of May, the finales took place.

Click here for the latest scores!

Portuguese Open 2019

On April 24th, the MSL team has departed together with their soccer robots to Porto in Portugal for the “Portuguese Open”. The tournament started with two set-up days on the April 24th and April 25th. After this, two competition days (the 26nd and 27th of April) followed and the finals were held on the 28th of April. They took on teams from all across Europe, with nothing less than first prize in the back of their minds! You can find the results here.


German Open 2018

On April 24th, the @Home team traveled with their service robots AMIGO and SERGIO to Magdeburg in Germany for the “German Open”. There, they took on eight other teams from amongst others Mexico, Iran and Pakistan. On the 25th and 26th of April, the set-up days took place, followed by the competition days on the 27th and 28th of April. On the 29th of April, the finals were held! Keep an eye on the link below for all updates about the tournament!


With their second prize trophy in hand, the team is honored on the podium. Through a mobile chat app, AMIGO went to get a beer for one of the jury members, while SERGIO showed off his search and navigation skills. In addition to a thunderous tournament, there was also room this week to work on SERGIO. The finale an excellent to show all of the progress.

Click here for the results of the German Open!

RoboCup 2018

From June 17th until June 21st (with the symposium on June 22nd), thirty-five teams from all over the world will come together for the world championship RoboCup that is held in Montreal (Canada). Both our teams, the soccer and service robots, are participating and in the last couple of years have always managed to position themselves somewhere in the top!

Find here the results of RoboCup 2018 of the soccer robots and the services robots