New robot soccer teams in Bordeaux

5 July 2023

On the second set-up day, more and more teams can be found on the playing field to prepare their robots for the competitions. In the MSL robot football competition, no fewer than three new teams will make their appearance on the field this year. The French team Robot Team Toulon has been working on the design of their robots for five years, won the "scientific challenge" during the World Cup in Bangkok last year, but will actually take to the field for the first time this year. The Portuguese team LAR makes a new start from the old team of Minho, a renowned opponent from the past. LAR has achieved an impressive development with their robots in less than a year. And then there is the starting team from Croatia that has currently realized two robots.

In addition to the new teams, the ASML Falcons and VDL Robot Sports will be present, two established names from the Eindhoven brainport region. VDL has come up with a completely new set of robots, incorporating the latest insights and knowledge. As vice world champion of 2022, the ASML team will undoubtedly be out for revenge.

We are looking forward to starting the sporty battle with all teams present tomorrow!



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