The technical challenge

5 July 2023

At the end of the afternoon, the technical challenge of the MSL will take place. The Falcons and VDL Robot Sports have a joint demonstration of a new software framework to enable robots from different teams to exchange and reuse software through standardization of the interfaces. A great innovation with a lot of potential for the future! But of course the focus is mainly on Aneesh's presentation explaining how Tech United is working on a better implementation of a human-inspired dribbling skill, in which the robot always plays the ball a little ahead. The story is of course supplemented with a beautiful demonstration on the field that does its job (almost) perfectly, partly due to the help of Ruben and Matthias. The French team demonstrates how their robots can detect humans and the Portuguese team LAR shows impressive progress with their story of developing a universal and open-source simulator. All in all a great challenge and as soon as the result is known we will publish it. Great job Aneesh, Ruben and Matthias!



About Tech United

Tech United is a multidisciplinary team of (former) students, PhD’s and employees of the Eindhoven University of Technology that focusses on the development of robotics. Knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer algorithms are used to solve problems. Tech United's home base is the RoboCup stadium at the Eindhoven University of Technology.
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