Tech United shines, fails and misses @Home finals

HERO restaurant challenge
8 July 2023

Today was an exciting day for the @Home team. The challenges for HERO varied in difficulty, making it even more thrilling. The day kicked off with the Restaurant challenge, and our team truly excelled. Our livestream video on YouTube showcases how effortlessly HERO navigated through the restaurant environment, avoiding obstacles, and interacting with people. This led to a fantastic score and an improvement in our ranking.

Next up was the eagerly anticipated task. Unfortunately, it seemed that the heat got to HERO's wiring, causing him to unexpectedly leave the arena. The @Home team had no choice but to halt the challenge. Unfortunately, this meant we couldn't earn enough points to climb further up the leaderboard.

All eyes were now on the EGPSR challenge towards the end of the day. It was a make-or-break moment to gather enough points and secure a top 2 spot for a place in the finals. The objective was to have HERO perform unscripted tasks. However, the robot’s hearing still needed some improvements to successfully execute a complex task like this. Regrettably, the @Home team didn't make it to the finals, despite multiple successful challenges.

Nevertheless, the team gave a tough competition to the finalists and leaves the tournament with a positive outlook. They've learned a lot, had an amazing tournament experience, and truly enjoyed the fantastic atmosphere.

Check out the video of the restaurant challenge on our YouTube channel.

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